Testimonial: Woods Hole Golf Club, Massachusetts

"In the past I had tried implementing an online shop at Woods Hole Golf Club, but quickly realized that it's very hard to keep up with everything (orders, inventory, etc.) while being a Head Professional.

Not only did Tee Commerce make it possible, they made the process extremely easy. The online store was ready in a couple of weeks and all I had to do was provide logo files. The Tee Commerce team worked directly with our marketing staff to get the shop on the website. In fact, the Tee Commerce team has been posting on my shop's Instagram account on my behalf!

The online shop has been profitable from the get-go and has become a steady, reliable stream of income with limited work on my end. The shop has also been a great amenity for our members. Tee Commerce's on-demand fulfillment has made what I've always wanted to be able to do possible. I highly recommend Tee Commerce."

Glenn Kelly, Head Professional

Woods Hole Golf Club