How To Use E-Commerce To Capitalize On St. Patrick’s Day at Your Club

Here’s what some of our courses and clubs are doing this year for St. Patrick’s Day.

As we’ve preached before, traditional e-commerce marketing strategies don’t always apply at golf courses and country clubs. And if you want to turn your online shop into a meaningful revenue stream, you’ll need to be strategic and tasteful in the way you market the shop.

A perfect way to do this it to offer limited edition merchandise collections for special holidays, like St. Patrick’s Day.

Here are some specific ways to do this:

1. Try an alternative logo only available for St. Patrick’s Day with a green/white colorway

2. Offer limited edition green and white tees and hoodies with a shamrock

3. Test out some all over print club logo and shamrock print patterns

How do I market it?

This is something that you want to have available only for a limited time.

Try emailing your members and golfers ahead of the holiday (might not be St. Patrick’s Day) and mention that the promotion is only available for a limited time and there are limited quantities. Then send out a reminder email that there’s only X number of days left. If you have a strong social media presence, do the same there on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Another thing you can try is to have your staff actually wear some of the limited edition products. Members, visitors and golfers will ask where they got them.

Make sure you actually end the promotion on the day you say that you will so that they know you’re serious for the next holiday.

Now what?

Coming up with the ideas and doing the marketing is the “easy part.” Executing, dealing with inventory and fulfilling the orders is the hard part.

If a limited edition holiday promotion is something you want to try without having to invest in inventory or do the behind-the-scenes work, Tee Commerce may be a good fit for you.


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