Some of the Tee Commerce Team at the 2022 PGA Show in Orlando!

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Running an online shop at a golf or country club is a tall order. Staff members wear dozens of hats and distractions are endlessMeanwhile, it's very difficult to run a a sucessful e-commerce site even if it's your man focus! And, of course, the risk you have to take with an investment in inventory.
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A limited edition "Alps" collection, an end of summer sale, limited edition bags & belts, and more....
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A limited edition 125th anniverary logo, a USA collection, an alternate logo drop...
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Although e-commerce is difficult to implement on your own, if you aren’t giving your members and golfers an option to shop online you’re missing out on a big opportunity.
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Here’s what some of our courses and clubs are doing this year for St. Patrick’s Day.

As we’ve preached before, traditional e-commerce marketing strategies don’t always apply at golf courses and country clubs. And if you want to turn your online shop into a meaningful revenue stream, you’ll need to be strategic and tasteful in the way you market the shop.

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Try these 8 things to make the most out of your online shop.

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Try these 5 things to maximize your members’ online shopping experience. 

Traditional e-commerce marketing strategies don’t always apply at golf and country clubs. 

On one hand, when the goal of your online shop is to maximize revenue, it’s important to be strategic about marketing. On the other hand, though, if your main objective is to improve your members’ shopping experience as an added amenity, you’ll likely need to take a different approach.

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